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Explore all that is hidden within this westly unknown world

(Hello, this is vrglab here. Soo i originally over scoped the design of this game and made it too big for the Metroidvania jam, soo we decided to to make this a full Game and release the full game later, for now we have published a demo that we could create in the jam time and have published for you. Soo please keep in mind this is a pre alpha demo not a full game)

Download demo

Relics of the past.zip 42 MB
Relics of the Past.zip 42 MB


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Hi there. I tried to download the game here (https://itch.io/s/72429/jam) and it didn't seem to work. Is that a glitch or is the only way to get it the demo on this page?


Hello that seems to be a glitch on Itch.io's side, here: https://gamejolt.com/games/Relics_of_the_Past/725380 you can go and download the demo there. 

Ah, I totally forgot to thank you for the help. So thank you very much and sorry for being so late in my reply.