The story behind of design and the Game-story

So when i started the unity project i had to design something based around the flying  and so i started to write story's and functions and mechanics i wrote 6 story's but the on i liked and matched was "the player is a mechanical engineer that while experimenting accidentally opened a portal to a alternate universe like earth but slightly different so they pick up there jet just in case if they need it and enter the portal but the player didn't know  when they enter the portal there would be no way back" so i used this as a plot the writing was inspired by will you snail made by Jonas tyroler but the comedy writing was inspired by mr.bean my Favorite show and so it stayed the music since i went to a music institute  i already knew how to play the drums and and a bit of piano so for the music it was just a case of taking the old dusty keyboard out and play a couple of notes 

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