The story behind the creation

jumping jet my biggest game had to get this postmortem here is where i well tell you the story of "jumping jet"

jumping jet is a project i started to experiment with different platformmer mechanic and i accidentally made a bug that instead of making the player jump it made player fly and that give me a funny idea of a platformmer in which one can fly and solve little puzzles so i started a new project in unity called "the evil there self"  and i implemented the movements and fly system and started to draw designing the game style was hard it was a pain to do and i well tell you about that in another post and oh about the mod support story it was update 0.1.0 that i thought i wanted the community to contribute so i added mod support but handling that was hard so i decided to add it at update 0.2.0 because by then handling the mod support became easier  and so started the making of the game which toke me near to 1 years to finish the alpha version

and it was worth it because this turned into the fastest game in and gained 1 thousand views in  a day and near to a thousand downloads in that month after awhile when i finally published the game to game jolt it hit the fastest growing again and gained over 3 thousand views in a month and near to a thousand downloads 

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Mar 02, 2020
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Mar 02, 2020

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